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Business Intelligence Bachelor Degree – BA IN DATA AND BUSINESS ANALYTICS The BA in Data and Business Analytics is aimed at analytically driven individuals who have strong critical thinking skills and want to use the power of data to change the world. This revolutionary degree, developed from the expertise of the School of Science and Technology, prepares the next generation of global pioneers who can collect, manage and analyze data to solve the most pressing challenges of companies and institutions. Through an applied learning methodology and hands-on approach, students learn to manage the most innovative technologies and tools to harness the true power of data to create value for businesses and corporations. The Bachelor in Data and Business Analytics is fully compliant with the Bologna Process and accredited by the Spanish Government and the European Higher Education Area (EHEA).

IT’S FOR PERSONS WHO… are curious and analytical; those with a natural interest in testing new tools, methods and data to solve the world’s most complex problems.

Business Intelligence Bachelor Degree

WANTED… an advanced and practice-oriented undergraduate program in which you will use the latest data analytics tools and technologies to solve real global challenges.

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BECOME… a data scientist, business intelligence consultant, analytics consultant, data solutions architect, big data entrepreneur, data officer

You can study a bachelor’s degree in data and business analytics in Segovia and Madrid. If you decide to start in Segovia, you will spend the first year at the University of Segovia before moving to Madrid for years two, three and four. However, if you start the course in Madrid, you will spend four years of the course in the Spanish capital

PROGRAM DURATION Bachelor in Data and Business Analytics 4 years LANGUAGE English STUDY CENTERS AND NUMBER OF PLACES Centro de Estudios Superiores (Madrid) – 60 places Facultad de Cncias Humanas, Sociales y de Comunicación (Segovia) – 60 places total CRE. ECTS* Distribution of credits and subjects* *. Core subjects – 60 ECTS Compulsory subjects – 138 ECTS Elective subjects – 30 ECTS Final project – 12 ECTS FIELD OF KNOWLEDGE Economic sciences, business management, marketing, commerce, accounting and tourism fa -face MINISTRY OF SPAIN REGISTRATION OF UNIVERSITIES, CENTERS AND DEPALS RUCTASSURANCE ACSUCYL ** * – Buscador Títulos Officiales * European Credit Transfer System **The nature of the subjects is determined by Spanish law ***Quality Assurance Agency for Università Castilla. y Leon

There is so much data being generated in the world that it is currently technologically impossible to analyze it all. There is a huge demand for professionals who can use this data and extract value from it. Become indispensable to companies and institutions with this breakthrough program.

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The role of a data scientist is to identify, collect, analyze and interpret data to generate information. Become a leading practitioner ready to embrace the challenge of leveraging and designing advanced analytics, methods and technologies to gain valuable insights.

You will learn a wide range of quantitative methods, statistical models, analytical tools and computational techniques to help you drive innovation and change in the fast-paced era of digital transformation. You will develop a unique professional profile and develop the ability to create value and play a key role in overcoming challenges.

Data is transforming every sector and industry on a global scale. In this program, you will learn how to identify the global issues facing businesses and societies to lead this transformation. You will develop the skills necessary to develop technologies and strategies and become an influential part of the strategic decision-making process of companies and organizations.

The Bachelor in Data and Business Analytics is fully compliant with the Bologna Process and accredited by the Spanish Government and the European Higher Education Area (EHEA).

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APPLIED LEARNING EXPERIENCE Be part of a dynamic undergraduate program that is constantly evolving to keep pace with the pace of global technological change. You’ll learn to use, design, and manage the latest data management and analytics tools, applying your new skills to real-world problems through datathons, challenges, and appld-class projects.

FOSTER INNOVATION AND TECHNOLOGY We are education developers who recognize the need for dynamic change in the way we learn. By continuously using innovative teaching tools and methods in a diverse international environment, we are reshaping higher education. We provide you with a comprehensive skill set, capitalizing on our strong professional connections with companies and keeping a close eye on global technological advancements. Transform industries and companies through the power of data.

HANDS-ON LEARNING At the University, theory and practice come together to offer you an exceptional learning experience. You’ll get direct insights from industry experts in interactive, hands-on lessons. The university’s practice-based approach prepares you for your influential role in designing and implementing competitive strategies in all types of organizations. Your U Labs, electives, internships, and projects are personally tailored to build your own path to success.

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DEVELOP CRITICAL THINKING Data experts must develop a critical approach to identify, understand, and analyze problems while developing structured solutions. This program helps you develop the analytical skills you need to approach complex problems, break them down, and find the right solutions.

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Student Inflow More than 75% of our students at the University come from outside Spain, making an annual average of 130 nationalities on campus. We are very proud of these figures and the individuals behind them. Our students are natural buyers with a global outlook and a dream for a better future. Regardless of their degree or passion, they strive every day to discover their innovative potential and achieve their goals. The driving force behind this shared vision is people from different cultures, backgrounds and life experiences. They are both united and completely unique. These are our students. Explore their stores.

Camilla Barbagallo Camilla Barbagallo “What I love most about my degree is how innovative it is. As the world experiences these new trends, we explore them in depth here on campus.” See the story

Ryan Daher Ryan Daher “I like that all the courses at the university are very practical, which helps me understand the material better and apply what I’ve learned to real-world situations.” See the story

Reem Hageali Reem Hageali “I’m very used to the Spanish way of life, I love the food and I know the language so I can get around without any problems.” See the story

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Rocío González Rocío González “What I like most about the university and especially about my studies is the number of different opportunities you get. All the skills you acquire can help take almost any business project to the next level, thanks to the power of data. » See the story

Tharun Komari Tharun Komari “I love that I can meet people from different parts of the world with different cultures and backgrounds. It helps me to be more open to new ideas and perspectives.” See the story

Robert Paulding, the academic director of this university program, explains in detail the bachelor’s degree in data and business analytics.

Faculty Stors Our 500 faculty members guide students to discover their potential day in and day out. Their influence across all five schools cannot be overstated, inspiring young, energetic minds as they chart their personal and professional journeys. But what kind of person does it take to create such an impact? The individuals who make up the faculty of the university are special. They come from diverse, global backgrounds and each bring different perspectives and innovative ideas that embody what makes the university so special. Their stores are individual and unique, but don’t take our word for it. Read their stores to see for yourself.

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Rafael Ballester Rafael Ballester “At the university, we are constantly updating our courses to incorporate the latest trends and tools that are coming out of the classroom.” See the story

Rafif Srour Rafif Srour “Change requires fighting and accepting repeated failures until you get what you want.” See the story

Miguel Vaquero Miguel Vaquero “To be successful, you have to commit to something you really love.” See the story

Manuel Leonelli Manuel Leonelli “For me, there are two keys to success: perseverance and passion. only by doing what we truly love can we achieve success.” See the story

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Alexander Anahori Alexander Anahori “I am very excited about the new Bachelor of Applied Mathematics, which we want to develop into one of the best mathematics programs in Europe.” See the story

Yes, a bachelor’s degree in business analytics can provide students with the skills and knowledge needed to pursue a variety of careers in data analytics and business intelligence. Graduates can work in finance, marketing and operations, among others.

Big data refers to large and complex data sets that are difficult to process and analyze using traditional data processing techniques. In business analytics, big data is often used to identify patterns and trends that can inform business decisions and strategy.

Both data technology and business analytics are valuable fields with strong job growth and earning potential. However, data science tends to focus more on developing machine learning algorithms and data modeling, while business analytics focuses more on using data to make business decisions.

Occupation Profile For Business Intelligence Analysts

The University’s Bachelor of Data and Business Analytics is a great option for this

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