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Business Intelligence Conferences 2024 – Welcome to the age of collective intelligence. Now is the time to leverage the synergy of human expertise, data, analytics and AI to optimize business value and outcomes by making the best connected decisions. The basics are important. We are always building and updating technology, data and governance to align with our organization’s strategy. GenAI is a milestone for data and analytics. Chances are it will spread throughout the organization, so expectations of you have never been higher. New eras create new leaders. As a key player in data and analytics, this is your year to lead with confidence. With all the progress we have made, the opportunities before us are limitless. This is the end of the beginning. See the agenda for 2024.

Data & Analytics Summit 2024 provides the insights, strategies and frameworks needed for Chief Data Analytics Officers (CDAOs) and D&A leaders to think big and make a real impact in their organizations. Join the global community of CDAOs and D&A executives. Learn from past attendees why this is a must-attend conference every year.

Business Intelligence Conferences 2024

Understand how to set strategy, organization, culture and skills to align with business priorities and outcomes and use key data and trends in analysis.

Save The Date: Ibm Techxchange Conference 2024!

Determining the best way to create products and solutions that have the capabilities to meet your business goals is now critical to digital success.

Network with Experts and Peers At the Data & Analytics Summit, attendees have the opportunity to network with industry-leading experts and CDAOs and leaders in data and analytics. Meet one-on-one with experts for personalized advice to help you achieve your mission-critical priorities. Build new relationships, expand your perspectives, and discover ways to solve problems together with other leaders in data and analytics. When you collaborate with like-minded colleagues, you’ll find opportunities to share your ideas and experiences.

Featured Roundtables.* Join data and analytics peers from leading organizations and industries to discuss relevant topics inspired by the latest research in these expert-moderated small group sessions. End user case studies. Detailed and documented case studies, by invitation, reveal the lessons learned by your colleagues during their organization’s implementation. Conversations between colleagues. Join peer-to-peer discussions organically during the conference. With more than 4,500 CDAO attendees, these leaders in data and analytics discover how others are approaching the challenges you face every day. Bake off. See side-by-side script demos from four modern analytics and BI solution providers. Learn the key features to consider and how they compare in action and how to improve your own evaluation process. Social commitments. Have fun and build new business relationships with colleagues while attending welcome receptions and special evening events in a variety of venues. *Pre-registration is required. These sessions are only available to end users; space is limited.

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Prioritize what to accelerate, unlock resources for digital investment, make meaningful cultural changes and more. No matter where you are in your digital business acceleration journey, we’re here to help you get there faster, with confidence. Lean In and Listen Expect the best speakers, the brightest minds and the latest big ideas. These sessions provide inspiration and actionable insights to turn your top priorities into business results. Highlights: Guest Speakers. Hear directly from guest speakers and guest speakers about their experiences. Magic Quadrant™ sessions and market guides. Explore the Magic Quadrant™ methodology to help understand how well technology providers are achieving their stated vision. Sessions with solution providers. When you want to tackle a specific problem, these strategic roadmap presentations and user case studies offer real advice. Lean in and get involved With the help of experts, these sessions challenge you to solve problems together, exchange ideas and get to the heart of the business imperatives that drive you and your colleagues. Highlighting the CDAO Circle.* Exclusively, this agenda program is dedicated to and designed for data and analytics directors and those serving in the CDAO role. Participants have the opportunity to explore new strategies, share innovative ideas, develop their community of peers, and have special access to experts in unique and highly educational interactive sessions. Workshops.* Collaborate with peers by taking the most important topics and learning how to apply them to your business in these small, interactive sessions. Diversity, equality and inclusion. Guided sessions and interactive experiences focus on issues relevant to diverse identities, including LGBTQ and neurodiversity, as well as corporate sustainability, equity and inclusion. *Pre-registration is required. These sessions are only available to end users.

R&d Management Conference 2024

Our unbiased experts help you advance your most important priorities with industry-leading insights, guidance and tools. Use their unique expertise to make faster and smarter decisions.

One-on-one meetings.* Meet one-on-one with experts for personalized advice to help you achieve your most important priorities. These popular meetings give you the undivided attention of an expert who will listen and guide you through the issues most important to your success. Ask an Expert Sessions.* Topic-based sessions provide a more intimate forum for discussion where an expert and other end users ask questions. *Pre-registration is required. These sessions are only available to end users; space is limited.

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The Data & Analytics Summit allowed me to connect with leaders and practitioners from various industries. The combination of research presentations and real-life D&A sessions is invaluable.

Access to over 150 sessions of the latest research designed specifically to help data and analytics leaders optimize business value and results by making the most connected decisions. Each track has a specific area of ​​focus to help you achieve what’s most important to you and your organization. See the agenda for 2024.

Microstrategy World 2024

Drive the organizational transformation required to become a data-driven enterprise. This track explores how to create a D&A strategy, hire and retain people, and lead and structure teams for business productivity, employee retention and professional development.

Data and analytics are part of every business discussion about digital transformation. This track explores how to identify, assign value and prioritize investments in data and analytics, and how to develop a coordinated strategy and operating model to ensure success.

Scaling and operationalizing data science, machine learning (ML) and AI are critical to generating value. Explore the technology trends, organizational requirements, skill development, and talent required for successful implementation, including GenAI, risk, governance, and chart analysis.

To increase the impact of analytics on the organization, D&A leaders must change the way they think about delivering results and business value. This tape introduces you to these analytics capabilities, how to organize and plan their delivery, and how to align them with stakeholder needs.

Chief In Tech Summit At The Women In Tech Conference 2024 Virtual & Global

Data is an organization’s most important asset, critical to analytics, AI and machine learning. This track highlights current and future data management strategies such as data ecosystems, data structure and financial management, as well as a comprehensive set of tools.

To maximize business opportunities and challenges, organizations need to establish the right foundation for managing D&A and AI. Trust, confidentiality, ethics, literacy and accountability are key to this. Get guidance on creating reliable, agile D&A and AI management practices.

As the role evolves, the CDAO must focus on creating business value, developing data and analytics talent, creating a data-driven culture, and providing the supporting technology infrastructure. CDAO Circle offers targeted content, workshops and networking opportunities. Join us and make valuable connections with peers and experts. Join data experts, technology leaders and policy makers to explore the latest developments in AI-based analytics and gain insight into their real-world applications. Connect, get certified, collaborate with experts and learn from industry visionaries. It’s a Vegas party you won’t forget.

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Hear from industry leaders on critical topics such as accelerating AI innovation and adoption, embracing a data-driven culture, and early adopters of new technologies.

Th International Conference On Distributed Computing And Intelligent Technology

Discover practical steps to ensure data integrity and ethical AI implementations. Download best practices on how to effectively move to the cloud, navigate multi-cloud models, and avoid getting locked into any single technology stack.

See how you can bring AI-based analytics to your applications and processes to improve decision-making. Explore Autoresponders, SQL Scribe, Auto Dashboard and more.

Get an exclusive scoop on the most transformative stories from insiders who have successfully tackled the challenge of implementing AI. Get inspired by real-life AI use cases at work in your industry.

Key Topics: Top customer stories from top industries (retail, healthcare, financial services, government and more); Presentations suppliers and partners

Aes International Acoustics & Sound Reinforcement Conference

Complete the client speaker submission form to nominate yourself as a speaker and share your analysis story in Las Vegas. This is your chance to influence and shape the analytics community, gain professional recognition and network with other industry leaders. Don’t miss your chance to make your mark on the 2024 World Cup!

As part of World24, we are hosting the 4th Annual Bitcoin & Lightning Corporate Event. Discover how Bitcoin adoption can benefit any organization – from both a technology and treasury strategy perspective.

If you thought Universal Studios in Orlando was fun, wait until you see what we have in store for you at our party in Vegas. Neon lights, world class restaurants and plenty of top quality entertainment. This is one Vegas party we guarantee you’ll remember. Project management is not static. It is always evolving to cope with the ever-changing

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