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Business Intelligence – At Digital Transformation, we are with you as a trusted business partner in your decision making process. From the first definition of goals to the implementation of business software and beyond, we develop ideas and solutions with you.

Your plan quickly becomes confusing and carries the risk of a high error rate if you manually call up your data from various sources and painstakingly prepare it in Excel. Automate work processes across departments every day for massive time savings! Together with you, we will work on how data integration works and deliver measurable success quickly.

Business Intelligence

The company generated huge amounts of data every day. Identifying the relevant real data is not always easy. Get a more unified view and structure to improve quality. This allows you to make better decisions to contribute to a truly data-driven business. It pays to put energy into expanding the company’s data literacy.

What Is Business Intelligence?

Find the data you need at the click of a button using interactive dashboards. Treat yourself to rational views of data from different perspectives and compare values ​​with historical options. Get an overview of each customer, product and process statistics on a daily basis and see at a glance where there are opportunities for improvement or weaknesses. Make important strategic decisions with confidence.

What will happen then? You don’t have to rely on your intuition anymore. Use reliable data and reliable models to plan scenarios and predict results quickly and clearly. Map your company’s structure and use cases and flexibly adapt to each new situation. Whether it’s staffing planning, sales planning or success planning, just look at the world of tomorrow.

Today you need more than traditional advice. You need to have a holistic view of your company’s complexity. You will receive an established advice from us based on excellent technical equipment. We just don’t care about the pure rational world. With our approach technology, we bring people into the decision-making process with their understanding. With this, every point of decision (POD) in the company can be optimized and allow for consistent, reliable decisions that are secured in context.

Valuable information instead of information forest! To achieve this, you need the best integrated tools that provide you with an accurate overview of the state of the company. They enable intuitive analysis and provide reliable and manageable data and a basis for decision-making. Together with you, we design the best solution architecture for you and install and implement it. Basis is the manufacturer of Corporate Planning AG, a leading supplier of management information systems, and Click, an innovative business intelligence software solution.

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How To Become A Business Intelligence Analyst

Of course, digitization has reached us all, even if only in theory. Especially in this VUCA world, which is becoming increasingly complex and global, managers are facing big changes. Many important financial decisions must be made. As a sparring partner, if you want, we will trust you throughout the entire digitization process and beyond. Our process consciousness is decision making. The TD method will assist you in a deliberate, planned decision-making process.

Integrate all your data into one data analytics platform that allows you to use every case and support every employee, regardless of their skill level.

Sie bezieht sich auf den Prozess der Konsolidierung von Finanzdaten von Tochterunternehmen und Muttergesellschaften um einenheiten Konzernabschluss zu erstellen.

In the rapidly digitized and globally networked corporate world, control processes form the basis – both in day-to-day execution and in strategic coordination.

Business Intelligence For Data Science And Visualization Program

Die Forecastplanung spielt eine entscheidende Rolle im Controlling von Unternehmen. Controller nutzen sie, um eine Prognose über siberoj Geschäftsentwicklungen und Werttreiber zu erselten und Maaschen für eine Efficacious Unternehmenssteuerung zu planen.

Our clients have individual wishes and challenges, which makes each project unique. What matters is trust and perfect communication. Our customers talk about mutual success.

With the help of the corporate planner, we were able to implement structural adjustments in the plan very quickly. – Uwe Knier, Head of Audit

Working with a young, dynamic and dedicated team saved a lot of internal resources and led to faster functional releases of applications. – DI (FH) Robert Horvath, MBA – CFO

Etl Development In Business Intelligence: Overview

With Enterprise Planning, we have reduced the effort required for complex processes and simplified operations. – Hakan Kelloglu, Business Unit Manager Accounts/Control/Organization | Authorized signatory

Integrated Business Solutions Enterprise Planning OC is intuitive, simple, flexible. The software is fun to work with.

The biggest benefit of implementing Qlik Sense is the time savings and significant reduction of errors due to the automatic preparation of our data. The TD team was smart, productive and prompt in their collaboration. – Ahmet Baydan, Head of Trade and Electronic Commerce

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Mr. Sprenger and TD Trusted Decisions Live CP are W&K’s consulting firms. Enterprise Planner becomes our central software for planning, analyzing and reporting data. What we can say about CP Dashboard: Very innovative and forward-looking. -Heiner Schwartenbeck Head of Finance and Organization

Business Intelligence And Data Visualization Services |

A very good product put together with very good consultants. Different modules allow to work in communication, because previously it was not possible with this precision.

The cooperation with the consultants was very good. Because we were in such good shape, we could always walk so well. The team was very productive. If the chemistry is like that, it’s a big success. – UteNeuenschwander Planning and Executive Reporting

The flexibility and versatility of CP software solutions is a great asset to our company, as is the trusted partnership with TD Trust Solutions. -Bernhard Schneider Chief Accountant

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What Is Business Intelligence? — Learn Bi Online

By submitting this form, I accept the privacy policy of TD Trusted Decisions GmbH and reserve the right to withdraw at any time. Business leaders in the real estate industry have been suffering from the following conditions for the past year. what it means in their case. Words like BI (business intelligence), AI (artificial intelligence), self-learning, the digital age, and data lakes sound boring when you don’t look at them as a technology lover with potential tools.

It can be compared to a CEO of a company whose responsibility is to make the right decisions to rock the boat on a healthy path for the next 3 to 5 years and beyond. Every time they sit on the couch at night and read “Data is the new oil,” they have the same angry thought: “Okay, but oil isn’t good for anything either! First, you need to clean it up. ..and then you have to have machines that actually burn gasoline.” It can turn into action!”.

The answer has 2 dimensions. The first is that all these data-driven theories are based on digital data. The latter has only been around for a few decades, not much if we compare it to previous changes in the way we understand information and business.

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Second and more important, because it is new, the information we can get on all these topics has not yet been widely disseminated in education. This means, thinkers and creators of information about digital transformation still come from 2 sources: the data/software industry and the ecosystem of consultants. Both sources run on new technology, develop some theory or workflow, and go to market to do business with one or more of these potential ideas.

The Benefits Business Intelligence Platforms (infographic) — Aitheras

As any business leader will understand, both formulas are based on a business model and not based on absolute knowledge or reality. Software companies cannot avoid thinking outside of their product, and sophisticated consultants are very limited, self-educated individuals or large companies that prioritize one thing: sell as much as possible and even try to keep customers in the company forever. leave it while continuing to improve or maintain the systems.. There is even a third case where the consultant who sells the software.

Sometimes, their solutions or ideas can be very limited and because they can only represent one of several possible realities.

Data is an array or stream of zeros and ones, stored in a file location or data store. The file may be corrupted, the file may be inaccessible because it was extracted with software that is no longer on the market. It doesn’t matter. There is information, it is priceless for these actors.

Information is information that can be read and understood by relevant actors. If they can open the file or access the data store and organize the data in a way that gives them meaningful information. A text is a word, a drawing is a door, etc.. knowledge is the next step. When players have some information they can put it into context and understand a particular situation. In the digital age, this information comes with metadata. When you receive the invitation by email, you can read: “Meeting tomorrow at 2 pm”. You can also see who has been invited

What Is Business Intelligence? Methods + Examples

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